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Reflecting on my childhood, the memories and lessons learned that I cherish the most almost always have one thing in common. They have been made or learned outdoors. Growing up in Jefferson County, IL most of my weekends as a kid were spent with my family on Rend Lake. It started with wanting to learn to fish, progressed to being interested in archery and handling firearms, and turned into a love for waterfowl , whitetail , and hopeful big game hunting in the near future.

My first job upon getting my driver’s license was at a hunting and fishing store selling, well, all things related. I attended a local junior college and obtained an Associate’s degree in Nursing prior to obtaining my Bachelor’s in Nursing. This has allowed me to travel and live in states such as Alaska, Hawaii, Washington state, North Carolina, Missouri, and several others. The best memories of these places have all been hiking, fishing, hunting, or just enjoying the scenery in the local way. I’ve had the privilege of being through a few military PCS moves, and have worked for the Alaska VA healthcare System previously, and my utmost respect goes to our military members and their families. I personally know the stress and struggle of frequent relocations, military related and non. I’ll always aim to make any client’s transition a smooth one.

After 7 years of moving and working life on call as a nurse, I decided to return home and pursue real estate full time. I recently purchased my own home near the lake I’ve spent countless weekends on, and started helping others find their own place to grow, whether it be a home, farm, or recreational land. I’m licensed in both Missouri and Illinois and can cover a lot of ground to help find yours!

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