5 Feb 2021 / Centralia, IL

First a customer, now a member of the MFL Real Estate team

Corey was initially a customer of Midwest Farm & Land Co, however he was so impressed with his experience he decided to join the MFL team, learn about his experience and Corey’s story.

Well, my wife and I had been looking for hunting ground for years and we’d gone through a lot of different agents and we had found a property so we made the phone call to Brandon and actually Curtis. We believed in them, we trusted them… you know, we built a friendship with them basically really quick, where we knew when they came across the right property for us they were gonna call us and that’s exactly how we got our first property.

My wife and Curtis were having a conversation while I was looking for deer and looking at the property, and they were back there talking and my wife is like you know they are looking for new agents. They want people that are passionate about hunting and the outdoors, and you’d be perfect for that, why don’t you talk to these guys? It’s just been so much fun for me.  Actually I just got a picture the other day from a client that had killed a big deer. It was the first property that I ever sold, and they’re thrilled with their property. You have to listen to your customers because you have in your mind what they want but that may not be exactly what they want when you get there. You think you have the perfect piece of farm and you get there and it’s not exactly what they want and you have to be ok with that, and say no problem, we’ll look for the next one. That’s what they did for us and I really try to make sure that I do that for my clients.  I want to make sure I find what they want, not what I want them to want, but what they want. That’s the reward at the end of the day when you see you found someone the perfect property that they always wanted.