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In the fall of 2019 my boyfriend at the time now fiancé and I started thinking about buying a house. My mom told me about a friend of hers who was a realtor and her name was Cindy Quinn-Wood. She put me in touch with her and we told her what we wanted to look at. Cindy instantly started gathering information on the house we were interested in. We went and looked at it and she put me in touch with a great person to help with a mortgage loan. Cindy was great with answering any questions even when I felt like I was bothering her. She was so great and very knowledgeable and if she didn’t know the answer she made sure to find out the right one. We finally closed on this house at the end of January 2020 and we are so happy with the house and that we went with Cindy. I will make sure to recommend her anytime I hear of someone looking to purchase a new home.
Stephanie Residential Property