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I would like to thank Brandon Swartzlander for his unbelievable work ethic. He worked diligently to sell my property. I had a 41 acre piece of property to sell in late November that I assumed would sit awhile. I assumed wrong. He had a buyer for me in less than a month. Unfortunately that buyer’s financing fell through. Three days later he had another buyer and it sold. I am so glad I didn’t use a local real estate broker to list and attempt to sell my property. The best decision I have ever made was using Brandon Swartzlander. He made the whole process smooth from start to finish. Brandon also put in a lot of time getting to know the whole piece of property, the pictures were unbelievable. I could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic real estate broker. I would definitely use Brandon to buy or sell outdoor real estate again. Thanks again Brandon!
Robb Niepoetter Former Illinois Landowner