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Hunting-Land-in-Southern-Illinois 17 October, 2022

How to Find and Buy the Best Hunting Land in Southern Illinois

There is nothing like owning a piece of property that you can go to anytime you’d like to hunt. When you own your own hunting land, you set the rules.

When you own your piece of property, you’ll never be put in the situation of trying to find land that you can hunt on.  You’ll never have to compete with all of the other hunters vying for their own area to hunt.

So if you’re planning on buying hunting land in Southern Illinois, here are some tips on How to Find and Buy the Best Hunting Land in Southern Illinois.

1. Determine your budget

The price of land differs based on the area and the acreage. You should be able to determine your budget early on to set realistic goals.  Consider your expenses and income and ensure that hunting land will not cause financial difficulty along the road.

Also, consider if you will be paying it upfront or getting a loan. Lenders vary in the types of loans, interest rates and terms of their loans, so it is best to familiarize yourself with lenders early on in the process.

Additionally, if you are considering a loan to purchase your new hunting land, run the numbers on your budget and calculate the costs of those additional expenses.

2. Location

If there is one thing that is very important when purchasing hunting land, it is the location. Obviously, you’ll want to find land that is suited for the type of hunting you love to do.

In your search, you might consider the land that is close to other property that you’ve hunted on previously.  Consider talking to family and friends about hunting land for sale.

As another way to increase your hunting range while not paying extra, you can also find land adjacent to public hunting lands.

Ensure that the neighborhood properties are managed in a way that supports the wildlife you are looking to hunt. It is even worth it to pay additional money to be close to well-maintained land.

One last thing to consider about the location is the travel distance. It would help if you looked into a property that is a reasonable distance from home, so it will not take much of your time to travel back and forth from it. It is better to spend more time hunting than traveling.

3. Type of land

The landscape is also an essential part of the process if you’re planning to build a structure on the property. A level and dry area are worth considering.

Avoid landlocked properties because they have limited access to the main road.

In addition, you may need to install septic systems and drill wells (or find alternate options), as well as commission a land survey. If this is part of your plan, make sure to choose a land that can accommodate these features.

4. Food and shelter for wildlife

Good hunting land should be suitable to foster wildlife. Look for land that is well suited for the type of hunting that you do.  If you’re a deer hunter, look for deer runs, the type of trees and structures, water sources, and feeding areas.  

Using this information, you can figure out how many food plots and shelters you should add and where the best locations are.

5. Other activities

Are there other activities that you will use the land for aside from hunting? Although you may be most interested in deer hunting on the property you are considering purchasing, rabbits, ducks, turkeys, and other wild game may also be present in abundance, providing excellent hunting opportunities. Furthermore, you may want to consider other outdoor activities you enjoy and how they can be incorporated into your purchase decision. 

When deer season is over, fishing on a lake or pond is a great option. Taking part in camping and birding is another fun pastime that the entire family can enjoy at any time of year.

6. Speaking with a hunting land specialist

It can be a major benefit to speak with a real estate agent who specializes in hunting land.  They are aware of the new land that will be hitting the market and the best spots for hunting.  A simple phone call can mean the difference between enabling you to buy a magnificent piece of property and some average property that doesn’t produce.

Final thoughts

For yourself and your family, owning your hunting land can be an extremely rewarding investment. Investing a little time and effort in advanced research and planning can ensure that you get the property you want and will enjoy for many years to come.

Need more practical tips about purchasing hunting property? Go to Midwest Farm and Land Co. for help.




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