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Shawnee National Forest


The Shawnee National Forest, southwest of Centralia, Illinois, is nestled between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. The landscape of this natural beauty features all sorts, from open lands, rolling hills, and creeks to forests, lakes, and rugged bluffs. The mild weather in the area is perfect for a visit during any season throughout the year.… Read more »

Carlyle Lake


Carlyle Lake, located southeast of Centralia, Illinois, is a reservoir of 25,000 acres in Clinton County, Illinois. This lake is considered the largest man-made lake and also the largest in the whole State of Illinois. The lake was completed by the US Army Corps in 1966 and was formed by damming the Kaskia River near… Read more »

Rend Lake

Rend Lake

Rend Lake is a 13-mile long reservoir located near Centralia, Illinois crossing both Jefferson County and Franklin County near the town of Benton.  The US Army Corps of Engineers created the lake in response to the community’s needs. With the help of the Rend Lake Conservancy District, Congress allowed for the building of the Rend… Read more »