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perks-of-living-in-a-residential-space 13 April, 2022

7 Residential Perks Not Found in Townhouse or Apartment Living

Owning a home is one of your most significant achievements you make. It comes with plenty of perks and advantages compared to renting. As you think about what type of property to buy or rent, it’s essential to not only fully understand the pricing but also your preferences as a homeowner.

In this article, you can take a closer look at the perks of living in a residential space compared to a Townhouse or Apartments.

Residential houses

Houses can come in many different sizes and shapes. From one-story ranches to contemporary, the various styles of homes allow for a wide selection.

The most common types of residential homes include;

  • Ranch
  • Colonial
  • Cape Cod
  • Georgian
  • Southern
  • Contemporary
  • Victorian
  • Log homes
  • Bungalows
  • Mediterranean
  • Tudor

Perks of having a residential home

1. Spacious

One significant advantage of owning a home is the space. Often, there is more space in a house compared with townhouses or an apartment complex, which can accommodate all those family changes, including children and pets.  From children’s bedrooms to storage spaces, the list can just go on if you have your own house.

2. Privacy

A single-family home doesn’t share a wall with the neighbors compared to townhouses or apartments. This means more privacy and freedom, especially during special occasions and celebrations.  Additionally, a home with a yard can provide a private area for outdoor activities.

3. Aesthetic freedom

Apartments and townhouses heed to comply with specific regulations regarding the appearance and interior layout. Having your residential property gives you the freedom to design and style it the way that works for your needs without worrying too much about certain policies.

4. More outdoor space

If there is one big advantage of having a residential property, that is the outdoor space it is included with. Outdoor spaces are a big plus, particularly if you have a family. This is an excellent area to spend weekend barbecues, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, or even just a simple day setting your pet loose and letting your kids play outside. There is so much stuff you can do in a yard that may not be available in an apartment or a townhouse.

5. No HOA fees

HOA fees are considerably expensive. This gets higher, especially if you are looking into an old townhouse development where there’s a need for more maintenance and renovations. When considering the cost of homeowners association fees, be sure to take into account more than just monthly dues. These extras can add up fast and may not offer any benefit whatsoever if you aren’t interested in using their amenities – which would mean paying another fee for nothing.

6. Owning the land

When purchasing an apartment, it is understandable that you will not own the land that it sits on. If you get a single-family property, you will own everything that is on the land, including the house, the trees, and other structures that come with it.

7. Get the best security you could wish for

It feels like a safe and protected place when you are in your own house. You can decide who enters and who doesn’t. Additionally, you will have the comfort of knowing that no one will kick you out of your own place.

Becoming a homeowner

When you own a house, the property will serve as an investment for your future. Therefore, the decision to purchase a property depends on the type of property that works best for you and your family’s needs. If you are looking to buy soon, our team can help you decide. Contact us at Midwest Farm & Land Co. to schedule your appointment now.




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