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Buying-a-Home-with-Kids-Illinois 25 January, 2022

5 Tips for Buying a Home with Kids in Illinois

Purchasing a home is both exciting and challenging if you have kids. There are many other factors to consider compared to buying a home for adults only. Regardless of the age of your child, you will always have to look into their needs and safety when considering your property venture.

Here is a quick guide to help you decide on purchasing a house when you have kids.

1. Consider the size and layout of the house.

Children, in general, require bigger spaces. Infants and toddlers will need enough space for the storage of toys, sports equipment, a child’s vehicle, and the baby/toddler furniture. You will also need to allocate enough area for the child to freely play or a separate playroom where the child can be loud without causing noise all over the house. 

Another thing you will need to take into account is the floor plan. If you are planning to sleep in close proximity to your child, you will need to find a house with adjacent bedrooms. You should also consider the number of children you are planning to have and the bedroom plan for the children. Are they going to share a room, or will they have a separate one for each? And while the number of bedrooms is important, the number of bathrooms is equally important, especially if you have teens. 

2. Schools within the area

Every child needs to go to school eventually; hence you will need to do research about the available schools within the area you’re planning to get a house at. A real estate agent can provide a big help with this since they are more adept at the location. You can also use free online tools to check for the school ratings and reviews within different areas to help you decide.

 If you are planning to send your child to a public school, consider getting a house in a high-ranking school district and ensure that the home is located within the boundaries of the respective district. 

3. Safety and crime rate

Researching for safety should be a top priority when moving to a new house, especially if you have kids. Check online for the crime rate within a specific location – you can use tools such as AreaVibes or to check for neighborhood safety. It is also a wise idea to walk around the neighborhood and have a chat with the locals about any reports of crime or their overall feedback about safety. There is no better way to know the place than to get insights from the people living in it.

4. Check for recreational amenities.

When you have a small child, having a playground nearby is a big bonus. Having a spacious yard is also a plus when you have children so that you can put up your swing and slide or a playground set. If your kids love playing sports, consider the possibility they may join youth team sports, so it is great to live somewhere near a sports field.

It is also a nice catch to be somewhere near family recreation facilities such as swimming pools, campsites, parks, and museums. See if these amenities are available within the neighborhood and their proximity to the potential property.

5. Include the children with the hunting

If you have teens, it is a good idea to include them in the planning process. They are the ones who can provide a more detailed description of their needs in terms of schools and other facilities they will need as they grow. 

Teens are also great at researching, especially if they are interested in it. Asking for their help will allow you to narrow down your choices. You can also bring them to the location for an ocular check so they can provide their own observation of the area, which will make it fun, exciting, informative, and family-friendly.

Getting a home with your kids

Buying a home with kids is probably one of the most challenging parts of acquiring a property. This is because most of the reason why you are getting the property revolves around raising the kids and nurturing them. If you need help finding properties, our team of real estate agents at Midwest Farm & Land Co. can help. Contact us and book an appointment today!




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