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Best-Home-Improvements-Illinois 5 September, 2021

4 of the Best Home Improvements You Can Make to Sell Your Home

When you decide to sell your home, you’ll want to get top dollar.  However, there are things to do before you put it on the market to sell. A few minor changes can make a big difference in the resale value of your property

Here are 4 ways to spruce up your home and sell it for more money!

1)  Add crown molding  

Crown molding is often on the top of peoples’ lists when they are trying to remodel their homes. This is because it can add beauty and value. It can be hard to get it right, but that doesn’t mean people don’t like it. You can use a power saw and nailer. If you want it, ask for help from someone who knows how to do it. It will add something that other people might not have in their homes because not many people know how to do this.

Where can you add crown molding to your home?

The bedroom is a great place to utilize crown molding, as it can increase the sophistication of your home without adding clutter. The experts recommend putting central pieces in each room like kitchens and living rooms but you should also consider this for bedrooms too. Get ideas for crown molding can be found on Pinterest.

Investment cost: 

Installing and painting crown molding is an inexpensive way to update any home. The average cost per linear foot for installation ranges between $4-$12, not including the needed materials (paint or molding). 

How much does crown molding increase home value?

Crown molding is a great way to increase the value of your home. According to surveys by various contractors, crown moldings are worth anywhere from $500-$800 per 100 linear feet for homes that have them installed on their ceilings or walls which means this small detail could be responsible for more than just aesthetics.

2) Add a fresh coat of paint

One of the easiest methods to update your home and give it new life is to add a fresh coat of paint.  There is just nothing like walking into a room that looks clean, fresh, and inviting.

When painting, you’ll have to decide if you’ll want to take on the project yourself or hire the pros.  You’ll certainly save some money by painting the rooms on your own, but it will take up your time and there can be the question of quality.  If you feel your skills are up to the challenge, by all means, go for it.

Investment cost: 

Painting a house can cost $1,000 to $3,000. This is the total cost. But there are other factors that will affect this price too. For example, if the house has multiple stories or it’s hard to get to them you might need more paint and it will become more expensive. The average painters pay between $1,716 and $3,679 for a job like this.

Paint a single accent wall for $80-$200. But most painting businesses have a project price of $250-$500. Painting trim costs about $1-$4 per linear foot.

What is the increase in home value caused by painting? 

An average of painting your home can make it more valuable. It will look nicer and have a better feel. Every house needs to be painted from time to time, but sometimes people do not want to spend the money. If you paint your home, it might increase its value by $4,000+. This is a 107% ROI for interior painting and a 55% ROI for exterior painting.

3) Replace outdated lighting fixtures 

Your home is your sanctuary, so why not make it cozy? If you have old lighting fixtures that are acting up or just no longer functional for whatever reason, replace them with some new ones! You’ll never regret giving into this small expense.

Investment cost: 

The investment cost for replacing outdated lighting fixtures is between $15 and $80 per fixture.  Older lighting fixtures can quickly date a house.  By updating the lighting fixtures, you can add a much better appeal to your home.

Fluorescent lights are more expensive than incandescent lights. They cost more because they are brighter, but some people prefer them to incandescent bulbs. LED lighting is also available and a good option.

How much does replacing light fixtures increase the value of a home?

You can make your home look better in many ways. One way is by adding or updating your light fixtures. It will cost you some money, but it will improve the way your home looks. When you do this, it is hard to know how much more value your house might draw. The amount of value that changes depends on the quality of the light fixtures.

4) Update major kitchen appliances

A kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where you cook and entertain your guests and make memories with friends or family members over dinner. It needs to be warm enough for all these things! An easy way to add some beauty and updates is to replace any outdated kitchen appliances.

What kitchen appliances do you need to update?

If your kitchen appliances have been around for a while and have the look of some wear and tear on them, it may be time to update them.  Some good-looking appliances, like a refrigerator, stove, microwave, or dishwasher can make the kitchen ‘pop’ and incentivize a home purchase.

Investment cost:

You can buy a basic model for $500 or an expensive model that costs more than $10,000. In general, the average cost of upgrading all your kitchen appliances is about $3,750.

How much does updating the kitchen appliances increase the value of a home?

Around 69% of the people in this market would pay more if they saw new and stylish appliances in your kitchen. They can make your kitchen look much more attractive. As a result, buyers are very motivated to buy the house. They can finally live in their dream home soon!

Final Thoughts:

Improving the look and value of a home doesn’t always mean that you’ll need to break the bank.  In many cases, you can make some budget-friendly changes that will add some great value to your home.

If you are thinking about selling your home, it may be time to contact one of our dedicated real estate pros to provide you with all of the details on how to get the greatest sale price from your home.  Contact us today.




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